NIAMS Labs Welcome Congressional Staff

”Having the opportunity to tour the NIAMS labs, visit where patients are cared for, and hear about cutting edge research from leading investigators was a memorable experience.” -Anna Hyde, NIAMS Coalition co-chair and vice president of Advocacy and Access at the Arthritis Foundation. Anna recently joined Capitol Hill staffers to tour the NIH Clinical Center, see inside NIAMS labs, and hear from researchers as part of NIAMS Congressional Tour Day. This biennial event is sponsored by the NIAMS Coalition, an independent consortium of approximately 90 professional and voluntary organizations whose goal is to raise awareness about NIAMS research. NIAMS deputy
Dr. O’Shea has served on the editorial boards of multiple journals, including: Immunity, Journal of Experimental Medicine, Journal of Biological Chemistry, Journal of Immunology, and Blood. He has been an invited lecturer at numerous universities.

NIAMS Community Outreach Bulletin — Fall 2018

*/ /*--> */ /*--> */ /*--> */ /*--> */ Feature Stories A Diverse Biomedical Workforce Is Essential for Healthy Communities Almost every household in America is affected by diseases of the bones, joints, muscles and skin. These common and rare diseases affect people of all ages, racial and ethnic populations and economic status. Many of these conditions affect women and minorities disproportionately. The NIAMS at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) is dedicated to uncovering the bases for these disparities and creating effective strategies to treat and even prevent them. “NIAMS is committed to promoting diversity in the biomedical, behavioral,

Researchers unearth community of viruses on skin of people with rare disease

NIAMS’ Dr. Heidi Kong. Credit National Cancer Institute Overview : NIH researchers studied microbial populations in skin samples from 27 adults and children with a rare immune disorder, DOCK8 deficiency . People with this primary immunodeficiency disease often have severe infections, are susceptible to cancer and have skin problems that can include difficult-to-treat warts, molluscum and eczema. The findings appear in Nature Medicine . While most healthy people have skin microbial communities composed mainly of bacteria, the scientists found that these patients had microbial populations rich in viruses. Using sophisticated sequencing tools, the researchers uncovered and catalogued hundreds of novel

Honoring Health — November Is National American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month — November 2018

*/ /*--> */ /*--> */ /*--> */ November Is National American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month Historically, American Indian and Alaska Native (AI/AN) communities have been disproportionately affected by many health issues such as heart disease, cancer, substance abuse and sudden infant death syndrome. As the largest biomedical research agency in the world, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) is committed to honoring the health of Native communities by conducting initiatives that aim to advance research and expand the reach of health information relevant to them. The NIH recognizes that to reach these goals, we must collaborate with Tribal

NIAMS Update — September 27, 2018

*/ /*--> */ /*--> */ /*--> */ NEWS Requesting Your Input on the NIAMS Strategic Plan for Fiscal Years 2020–2024 The NIAMS has published a Request for Information seeking input on research priorities for the NIAMS’ Strategic Plan for Fiscal Years 2020–2024. Researchers, health care professionals, patient advocates and health advocacy organizations, scientific and professional organizations, federal agencies and other interested members of the public are encouraged to review the current Long-Range Plan and submit suggestions via the online form by October 26, 2018 . Molecular Factors Underlie Mouth’s Head Start on Healing Maria Morasso, Ph.D., from the NIAMS, and
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