Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common medical problems in the United States. It can range from a dull, constant ache to sudden, sharp pain that makes it hard to move.

Bone Health and Osteoporosis

Why does bone health matter? Learn more about what you can do to help keep your bones strong and healthy, what the risk factors are for osteoporosis, and how to live well if you have osteoporosis.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when the median nerve, which runs from your forearm, through your wrist, into the palm of your hand, becomes pressed or squeezed at the wrist. Learn about causes and how to cope.


Doctors don't yet know the exact causes of fibromyalgia. Find out more about this muscle-pain & fatigue causing chronic disorder.

Fibrous Dysplasia

What is fibrous dysplasia? It happens when healthy bone is replaced with other types of tissue. Bones may become weak or oddly shaped, or they may even break.

Growth Plate Injuries

Injuries to the growth plate happen when a break or fracture develops near or at the end of a long bone.

Hip Replacement Surgery

Hip replacement surgery removes damaged or diseased parts of a hip joint and replaces them with new, artificial parts.

Marfan Syndrome

What is Marfan syndrome? It is a disorder that affects connective tissue, which supports many parts of your body. Marfan syndrome is often a genetic disease.

Osteogenesis Imperfecta

Osteogenesis imperfecta is a genetic disease, also called brittle bone disease, that causes bones to be weak and break easily.


What is osteonecrosis? Osteonecrosis is a bone disease in which the bone begins to die and collapse. Find out the symptoms and goals of treatment.


What is osteopetrosis? It is a rare disorder that causes bones to grow abnormally and become too dense. When this happens, bones can break easily.

Paget’s Disease of Bone

What is Paget’s disease? It is a disorder that causes bones to grow too large and weaken. You can have Paget’s disease in any bones in your body.

Scoliosis in Children and Teens

What is scoliosis? It is a disorder causing a sideways curve of the spine. Curves are often S- or C-shaped. In most people, there is no known cause for this curve.

Spinal Stenosis

What is spinal stenosis? It is the narrowing of the spine. This narrowing puts pressure on the spinal cord and nerves and can cause pain.

Sports Injuries

Sports injuries are injuries that happen when playing sports or exercising. There are two kinds of sports injuries: acute and chronic.

Selected Research Areas

Clinical and Investigative Orthopedics Surgery Unit

Led by Dr. Timothy Bhattacharyya, the unit investigates orthopedic conditions, including femur fractures and hip infections, and related treatments.

Laboratory of Muscle Stem Cells and Gene Regulation

Led by Dr. Vittorio Sartorelli, the lab studies mechanisms that regulate specification, differentiation, and regeneration of skeletal muscle cells.

Muscle Disease Section

Led by Dr. Andrew Mammen, the unit researches human muscle diseases, as well the basic biology of skeletal muscle regeneration.

Scientific Publications

Reverse engineering the FRAX algorithm: Clinical insights and systematic analysis of fracture risk.

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Muscle and Bone Disease News

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