The NIAMS Intramural Research Program Career Development and Outreach Branch (CDOB), also known as the NIAMS Training Office, is responsible for managing and enriching the overall research training experience across all of our labs and services.

We assist in the application process — from identifying research laboratories with projects matching the interests of the candidate, arranging interviews with prospective preceptors, relocating and living in the Washington, DC area, and assisting with the transition into the Intramural Research Program. The Office develops educational curricula and training plans and assists fellows in a customized training program. Fellows seeking specialized sources of training are encouraged to contact office staff for assistance.

Donut chart showing typical ratios of different student types.
Donut chart showing typical student diversity.
Donut chart showing typical ratios of student gender.

Data represents a typical annual body of trainees, averaged over a number of years. Does not include summer program students.

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Meet Previous Research Program Trainees


We serve as a resource for all NIAMS students, fellows, and their sponsors. This office works in partnership with existing NIAMS and NIH entities to ensure that we continue to attract the best fellows and provide them with a genuine growth experience enhancing their ability to compete for independent research careers within and outside the NIH.

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Intramural Research Program Support

  • Training activities(writing, interview, lab management, ethics).
  • Guidance for mentors.
  • Progress evaluations (mentors and fellows).
  • Information on societies, news, and events.
  • Insure pay equity (salary surveys and pay analysis).
  • Program surveys and exit interviews.

Counselling and Mentoring

  • Formal and informal discussions (seminars, journal clubs, etc.).
  • Information on grants and awards.
  • Help integrating in the NIH community.
  • Resources for problem resolution.
  • Visa information for visitors.
  • Loan repayment program.

We're Here to Help

At the NIAMS we have an active culture and extensive resources that encourage career development. Our mission is to provide you, the trainee, with access to educational resources and career development services that enhance and complement your biomedical research training.


Headshot of a young woman with long hair, smiling
Janelle Hauserman, Ph.D.
Training Director

Dr. Hauserman brings a wealth of knowledge and experience. She provides resources and services that enhance and complement trainees' biomedical research training.

Photo of Martyn Green
Martyn Green, B.Sc.
Digital Content Specialist

Martyn provides support for online and digital content and maintains our public and intranet web properties.

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