Photo of Dr. Lindsay Criswell

NIAMS Is Listening: Help Shape Our Next Strategic Plan

Letter from the Director | September 26, 2022
Photo of patient and doctor.

Overzealous Immune Cells Hamper Healing

NIAMS-Related Article | September 15, 2022
Lindsey A. Criswell and Janine A. Clayton

New Pilot Program Will Mentor Leaders and Advance Women’s Health

Letter from the Director | September 14, 2022
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NIAMS Update, Issue 4, 2022

NIAMS Update | August 25, 2022
group of masked researchers in Dr. Kaplan's lab

A Biological Betrayal

NIAMS-Related Article | July 18, 2022
Photo of young man bending and employing the wearable device

A Wearable Device Helps Make Back Pain Bearable

NIAMS-Related Article | July 12, 2022
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NIAMS Update, Issue 3, 2022

NIAMS Update | June 23, 2022
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NIAMS Community Outreach Bulletin—June 2022 Issue

Community Outreach | June 16, 2022
Photo of back of man's head showing hair loss from alopecia

FDA Approves First Systemic Treatment for Alopecia Areata

NIAMS-Related Article | June 14, 2022
illustration of adults in a water aerobics class

Understanding Autoimmune Diseases

NIH News in Health | June 6, 2022
Image of some biodegradable piezoelectric film

Recharging cartilage after knee damage

NIAMS-Related Article | June 6, 2022
slide from the lupus presentation

Roundtable Discussion on Lupus with Congresswoman Lee

Patient and Congressional Visits | June 6, 2022
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NIAMS Update, Issue 2, 2022

NIAMS Update | April 28, 2022
doctor wearing gloves examines hand of a patient

Obesity alters response to anti-inflammatory treatment

NIH Research Matters | April 26, 2022
man scratches rash on his arm

A More Precise Way to Knock Out Skin Rashes

NIH Director's Blog | April 26, 2022
Microscopic image of an inflamed pimple with cathelicidin stained red, fat cells stained green and the nuclei of every cell stained blue.

How skin cells help fight acne

NIH Research Matters | March 8, 2022
Screenshot of Adaline Chin's video presentation

What Our Proteins Can Tell Us About Autoimmune Diseases

NIAMS-Related Article | March 4, 2022
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NIAMS Community Outreach Bulletin—March 2022 Issue

Community Outreach | March 3, 2022
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NIAMS Update—Issue 6, 2021

NIAMS Update | February 24, 2022
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NIAMS Update, Issue 1, 2022

NIAMS Update | February 24, 2022
sprinter starting off starting blocks

A New View of How Muscles Move

NIAMS-Related Article | January 31, 2022
Photo of a computer screen displaying genetic code

Genetic Sequencing Solves Drug Reaction Mystery

NIAMS-Related Article | January 13, 2022
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