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Applications for Lasker Clinical Research Scholars Program due August 25

The program aims to grow the diminishing pool of talented clinician-scientists by providing the necessary financial support to establish their careers, protected research time and access to hospital facilities and patient enrollments.

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Researchers Discover BACH2-Related Genetic Disorder

Dr. Behdad Afzali, a NIAMS visiting researcher from England, worked with an international team, including experts at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, to uncover a genetic disorder related to the BACH2 gene.

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Policy Limits the Appendices in Grant Applications

NIH Policy strictly limits the appendix materials that can be included with applications. An application that is submitted with appendix materials other than those specifically covered by the policy will not be reviewed.

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Germ Cell Formation in Mice Relies on RNA Clearance Mechanism

Investigators led by Markus Hafner, Ph.D., head of the RNA Molecular Biology Group at NIAMS and Thomas Tuschl, Ph.D., at The Rockefeller University have revealed clues about the mechanisms by which each cell type chooses the genes to express.


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