Photograph featuring screenshots of all 2022 NIAMS InVTRO Interns

2022 NIAMS InVTRO Interns

This past summer, the NIAMS Intramural Research Program's (IRP's) Career Development and Outreach Branch (CDOB), welcomed the first hybrid class of interns to the Intramural Virtual Training Research Opportunities (InVTRO) program. Among the diverse group of students from across the country, eight received in-person training, and 11 attendees were virtual for the eight-week program. Last year, the InVTRO program was inaugurated as an entirely virtual training experience. The CDOB plans to continue developing and expanding the program in the future.

InVTRO gave the students a glimpse of the structure and operations of NIAMS and the IRP, the work of NIAMS scientists, and its modern labs and facilities. 

The students took advantage of various training tracks and activities, such as career development sessions with NIAMS staff, special presentations from current NIH fellows and Principal Investigators, and participation in Grand Rounds and journal clubs. The internship also offered sessions describing the NIAMS IRP research portfolio, included the students in collaborative lab meetings, and provided other learning and networking opportunities.

Robert Walker, Ph.D., Chief of the CDOB, leads the InVTRO program, and Janelle Hauserman, Ph.D., and Martyn Green also of CDOB, facilitated the training activities.

Watch short videos in which some participants describe their experience in their own words, and read testimonials from other participants below.

Watch all the videos here.


Kaleb Edwards
Indiana University School of Medicine
Medical Science (2nd Year)

Eve Gibbs
Penn State Berks
Biochemistry (3rd Year)
RNA Molecular Biology Laboratory

Sonia Goyal
George Washington University
Biology (1st Year)
Lupus Clinical Trials Unit

Julian Joseph
Brown University
Biology (MS-1)

Jacqueline Nelson
University of Texas at San Antonio
Biochemistry (4th Year)
Scleroderma Genomics and Health Disparities Unit

Louis Nwuha
The Catholic University of America
Biomedical Engineering (1st Year)

Onyinye Okudoh
Drexel University
Biomedical Science (MS-1)

Ahan Shankwalkar
University of California, Berkeley
Pre-Med (2nd Year)

Isabel Snee
University of Notre Dame
Neuroscience (4th Year)

Karyssa Stonick
Portland State University
Speech and Hearing Sciences (4th Year)

Myra Zaheer
George Washington University
Psychological/Brain Sciences (4th Year)
Lupus Genomics and Global Health Disparities Unit


Photo of Genesy Aickareth

Genesy Aickareth
Texas Tech University Health Sciences
Nutritional Sciences (MS-1)

I have numerous areas of interest including critical care, melanomas, and skin of color. By attending this summer internship program, I immersed myself further into research while meeting mentors along the way!

Photo of Bianca Campbell

Bianca Campbell
Howard University College of Medicine
Medicine (MS-1)
Muscle Disease Section

I aspire to be a dermatologist after medical training. This past summer I gained knowledge about dermatomyositis/myositis, and was exposed to wet lab and clinical lab experiences.

Photo of Suhas Etigunta

Suhas Etigunta
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
Medicine (MS-1)

This past summer, I explored the intersection of immunology, dermatology, and cancer by studying immunotherapies against melanoma. It was exciting to intern with the NIH in a remote capacity and delve into my research interests while expanding my network of mentors.

Photo of Brittany Grossi

Brittany Grossi
Howard University College of Medicine
Pre-Med (MS-1)
Translational Genetics and Genomics Section

My current research interests include the relationship between lifestyle, genetics, and gastrointestinal diseases. I learned more about genetics in relation to disease and how genetics can be used to develop new interventions.

Photo of Amal Hutchinson

Amal Hutchinson
Howard University College of Medicine
Medicine (MS-1)
Molecular Immunology and Inflammation Branch

My field of interest is immunology, including research concerning the pathology and treatment of autoimmune conditions. While attending the NIAMS summer internship program I expanded my laboratory skillset, developed relationships with similarly motivated intellectuals, and built upon the medical knowledge that I was introduced to during my first year in medical school.

Photo of Sophia Hwang (Chou)

Sophia Hwang (Chou)
Vanderbilt University
Molecular and Cellular Biology (3rd Year)

While attending NIAMS's summer internship program, I broadened my horizons surrounding immunology and research as a whole, while meeting scientists of the present and the future.

Photo of Ali Khan

Ali Khan
GWU School of Medicine
Biology (MS-1)
Cutaneous Development and Carcinogenesis Section

There are so many opportunities at the NIH to listen to and learn from leaders across all fields of scientific research and medicine. I worked alongside amazing individuals and broadened my understanding of immunotherapy and cancer specifically as it relates to the diverse field of dermatology.

Photo of Justin Lee

Justin Lee
Brown University
Biology (2nd Year)

I hope to attend medical school, and eventually become a physician. Through the NIAMS summer internship program, I became more versed in research, and developed the skills necessary to establish and complete my own research projects. Also, I built relationships with mentors and peers who provided research, career, education, and life guidance.