Principal Investigator

Hong-Wei Sun, Ph.D.

As head of the Biodata Mining and Discovery Section, Dr. Sun focuses on applying computational approaches of data sciences to biomedical research.

The overall mission of the Biodata Mining and Discovery Section is to assist and to participate in biomedical research with Data Science and Bioinformatics approaches in support of the ultimate research goals of the NIAMS IRP. We are currently integrating NGS data processing and data analysis related computational methods into a wide range of biological and biomedical studies, focusing on WES, ChIP-Seq, ATAC-Seq, RNA-Seq, and Single Cell RNA-Seq based research projects. We also develop new data analysis strategies and customized computational solutions, and conduct research to evaluate emerging methods and techniques in the rapidly evolving field of applied bioinformatics and computational biology.

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Scientific Publications

The DNA damage- and transcription-associated protein paxip1 controls thymocyte development and emigration.

Callen E, Faryabi RB, Luckey M, Hao B, Daniel JA, Yang W, Sun HW, Dressler G, Peng W, Chi H, Ge K, Krangel MS, Park JH, Nussenzweig A
2012 Dec 14;
doi: 10.1016/j.immuni.2012.10.007
PMID: 23159437

STATs shape the active enhancer landscape of T cell populations.

Vahedi G, Takahashi H, Nakayamada S, Sun HW, Sartorelli V, Kanno Y, O'Shea JJ
2012 Nov 21;
doi: 10.1016/j.cell.2012.09.044
PMID: 23178119

Cutaneous retinoic acid levels determine hair follicle development and downgrowth.

Okano J, Levy C, Lichti U, Sun HW, Yuspa SH, Sakai Y, Morasso MI
The Journal of biological chemistry.
2012 Nov 16;
doi: 10.1074/jbc.M112.397273
PMID: 23007396

The Transcription Factor T-bet Limits Amplification of Type I IFN Transcriptome and Circuitry in T Helper 1 Cells.

Iwata S, Mikami Y, Sun HW, Brooks SR, Jankovic D, Hirahara K, Onodera A, Shih HY, Kawabe T, Jiang K, Nakayama T, Sher A, O'Shea JJ, Davis FP, Kanno Y
2017 Jun 20;
doi: 10.1016/j.immuni.2017.05.005
PMID: 28623086

The Human CCHC-type Zinc Finger Nucleic Acid-Binding Protein Binds G-Rich Elements in Target mRNA Coding Sequences and Promotes Translation.

Benhalevy D, Gupta SK, Danan CH, Ghosal S, Sun HW, Kazemier HG, Paeschke K, Hafner M, Juranek SA
Cell reports.
2017 Mar 21;
doi: 10.1016/j.celrep.2017.02.080
PMID: 28329689

Generation and differentiation of induced pluripotent stem cells reveal ankylosing spondylitis risk gene expression in bone progenitors.

Layh-Schmitt G, Lu S, Navid F, Brooks SR, Lazowick E, Davis KM, Montagna C, Gadina M, Colbert RA
Clinical rheumatology.
2017 Jan;
doi: 10.1007/s10067-016-3469-5
PMID: 27864696

A novel DLX3-PKC integrated signaling network drives keratinocyte differentiation.

Palazzo E, Kellett MD, Cataisson C, Bible PW, Bhattacharya S, Sun HW, Gormley AC, Yuspa SH, Morasso MI
Cell death and differentiation.
2017 Apr;
doi: 10.1038/cdd.2017.5
PMID: 28186503

Developmental Acquisition of Regulomes Underlies Innate Lymphoid Cell Functionality.

Shih HY, Sciumè G, Mikami Y, Guo L, Sun HW, Brooks SR, Urban JF Jr, Davis FP, Kanno Y, O'Shea JJ
2016 May 19;
doi: 10.1016/j.cell.2016.04.029
PMID: 27156451

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