Pictured: Massimo Gadina, Ph.D., Chief, Translational Immunology Section

Massimo Gadina, Ph.D., Director, NIAMS Office of Science and Technology, and Chief, Translational Immunology Section. Source: NIAMS

The NIAMS Labs Core Facilities facilitate deeper dives into tissues and cells and help researchers unravel the mysteries of human disease by offering cutting edge instruments, technologies, and data analysis services. 

A new video series provides researchers with a look inside four of the institute’s facilities:

Pictured: Gloved hands hold a sequencer tool at the NIAMS Genomic Technology Core Facility
Sequencer from Genomic Technology Section. Source: NIAMS

The videos highlight each core facility, from tools such as powerful microscopes and advanced sequencing technologies to consultation, trainings, and data analysis services. 

The core facilities help scientists answer many of their most complex research questions. For more information, view our NIAMS Labs Core Facilities pages.