Portrait of Dr. Robert H. Carter

Robert H. Carter, M.D.

From the Acting Director: Affirming NIAMS’ commitment to former Director Dr. Steve Katz’s legacy

In Dr. Katz’s 23 years of leadership of NIAMS, three principles guided his decisions: fairness, working collegially with other NIH Institutes and Centers, and good stewardship of the taxpayers’ dollars. However, it was his warmth and connectedness with those with whom he served, whether within NIAMS, across NIH, or indeed in the world at large, that made him both beloved and effective. His sudden passing was a shock to all of us, but we who worked closely with him will continue to embody his values.

During this interim, while NIH leadership performs a nationwide search for a new Director, I will ensure that NIAMS will operate under the principles that Dr. Katz ingrained in us. Despite our loss, NIAMS staff at all levels remain committed to excellence and to doing their tasks to the best of their abilities. NIAMS is Dr. Katz’s legacy, and our job for now is to see that it continues in a way in which he would be proud.

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Last Updated: August 2019