Research Progress Related to Sports Injuries

Investigators at research institutions across the country, many supported by the National Institutes of Health, are working to better define the risk factors for musculoskeletal injuries and to identify the most effective prevention and treatment interventions.

The studies that are being conducted include the following.

  • Anterior cruciate ligament tears are common sports injuries, so they are an important focus of research. Scientists are exploring the impact of differing surgical approaches, as well as patient-specific risk factors, such as age and sex, on short- and long-term outcomes of knee reconstruction surgeries.
  • Tendon and ligament tears often happen near where they attach to bone, regions called entheses. Working in mice, researchers are using what they know about the molecular pathways that guide the formation of entheses during development in efforts to improve the repair of these types of injuries.
  • Recovery from Achilles tendinitis can be slow and may lead to inactivity, a risk factor for many diseases. Scientists are seeking to improve recovery by learning how to individualize treatments for men and women, with a focus on the tendon’s structural features and mechanical properties.
  • Scientists are evaluating the effect of specific types of training, such as sensorimotor training or instruction in certain falling techniques, on injury prevention in athletes.

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