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To support scientific conferences including: symposiums, seminars. workshops, or other organized formal meetings, in areas relevant to the mission of NIAMS. NIAMS support of conferences and workshops is typically limited to a maximum of $15,000 per meeting, but the actual award will be contingent upon availability of funds, programmatic priorities and recommendations by peer review and program staff. Please note that a R13 Letter of Request seeking approval to submit an application must be submitted to the NIAMS R13 coordinator at least six weeks before the application receipt date. Secondary support of a conference, of up to $3000, may be requested if another Institute or Center at NIH has agreed to provide primary support. You do not need a permission letter from NIAMS for secondary assignments. Instead, you can request NIAMS as a secondary assignment in your cover letter component of your application when you submit it for review. Once the application is received and reviewed, a decision will be made by NIAMS regarding meeting support based on scientific merit, program relevance, and the availability of funds.


Eligibility is limited to domestic institutions and organizations, including established scientific or professional societies.

This program supports both domestic and international conferences; however, an international conference can be supported only through the U.S. representative organization of an established international scientific or professional society.

Application procedures

  1. Contact the NIAMS Program Official in the scientific area ( of the proposed conference to discuss the suitability of the potential R13 application for NIAMS support.
  2. Submit an R13 Letter of Request seeking approval to submit an application at least six weeks before the application receipt date. This applies to both new and resubmitted applications. The request should be sent to Sara Myers of the Division of Extramural Research at NIAMS ( If accepted, NIAMS will send an Advance Permission letter to the Applicant via email (Please note that NIAMS agreement to accept an application does not guarantee funding).
  3. At the time of application submission, a copy of the Advance Permission letter must be included as part of the cover letter component. Conference grant applications must be submitted electronically through Refer to the current funding opportunity announcement for application submission information.
  4. It is recommended that applicants utilize a receipt date at least seven months prior to the conference; awards will not be issued after the conference has occurred

Required Information for the Letter of Request

  1. The name of the meeting.
  2. The name and address of the principal investigator (including email).
  3. The name of the sponsoring institution (foreign institutions are not eligible to apply for conference support).
  4. The location and dates of the meeting.
  5. A short description of the purpose of the meeting and its relevance to the NIAMS mission.
  6. A preliminary draft agenda of the program, including names and affiliations of invited and/or confirmed speakers.
  7. The nature of participation by junior, minority, and/or female investigators, if any (optional).
  8. A listing of similar recent or upcoming meetings, if any, and the "value-added" by the proposed meeting (optional).
  9. The requested conference budget and intended use for funds (please include total budget, portion requested from the NIAMS, and portion to be requested from any other source, if applicable). See Allowable and Unallowable Costs section from the NIH Grants Policy Statement
  10. The intended receipt date for application submission (i.e., April 12, August 12, or December 12).
  11. A statement that the NIAMS is the sole NIH Institute from which primary assignment is being requested, as well as the identification of other NIH Institutes or Centers (ICs) (if any) that may be interested in providing co-funding support for the conference grant application

Receipt dates

Deadline to submit "Request Advance Permission Letter"    

Application Receipt Date

Scientific Merit Review

Advisory Council Review

Earliest Conference Meeting Start Date

March 1

April 12



December 1

July 1

August 12



March 1

November 1

December 12



July 1

Additional Information

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