Xiaojuan Fan, Ph.D., majored in computational biology at the Chinese Academy of Sciences-German Max Planck Society (CAS-MPG) Partner Institute for Computational Biology. Her doctoral studies focused on non-canonical translation and its biological roles in stress response. 

Dr. Fan is a member of Dr. Hafner’s group in the NIAMS. Her research focuses on RNA location. She is curious about how spatiotemporal dynamics regulate gene expression.

Scientific Publications

Pervasive translation of circular RNAs driven by short IRES-like elements.

Fan X, Yang Y, Chen C, Wang Z
Nat Commun.
2022 Jun 29;
doi: 10.1038/s41467-022-31327-y
PMID: 35768398

Extensive translation of circular RNAs driven by N(6)-methyladenosine.

Yang Y, Fan X, Mao M, Song X, Wu P, Zhang Y, Jin Y, Yang Y, Chen LL, Wang Y, Wong CC, Xiao X, Wang Z
Cell Res.
2017 May;
doi: 10.1038/cr.2017.31
PMID: 28281539


Chinese Academy of Sciences
Ph.D., Computational biology (2016-2019)

Chinese Academy of Sciences
M.S., Bioengineering (2012-2015)


Postdoctoral Fellowship
Chinese Academy of Sciences (2020-2022)

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