Dr. Dell’Orso received her Ph.D. from the University of Rome in Italy and conducted her post-doc research at the NIAMS where she focused on the role of transcription factors, chromatin regulators, ncRNAs and epigenetic marks during skeletal muscle specification and development. In 2016 she joined the NIAMS Genomic Technology Section where she provides consultation on experimental design and library preparation and works with NIAMS scientists to implement genomics and sequencing technologies.

Research Statement

The Genomic Technology Section  at NIAMS is a multi-disciplinary genomics facility that supports NIAMS investigators with the latest on DNA sequencing and library preparation technologies. The Section works closely with NIAMS scientists to explore the use and implementation of leading edge genomics technologies, molecular biology protocols and analytical procedures as well as consultation and training for researchers with specific needs or challenging problems.

Last Updated: March 2019