Kang Yu, Ph.D., graduated from the University of Alberta in 2020. During his doctoral studies, Dr. Yu focused on the function and gene regulation of a receptor called LILRB1 in Natural Killer (NK) cells. He then moved to the City of Hope National Medical Center in Duarte, California as a postdoctoral fellow exploring novel regulatory pathways in NK cells in response to cancer cells using CRISPR screening techniques.

Dr. Yu’s current research focuses on how super-enhancers and non-coding RNA modulate immune regulator genes and the implications in lymphocyte development, differentiation, and activation.

Scientific Publications

LILRB1 Intron 1 Has a Polymorphic Regulatory Region That Enhances Transcription in NK Cells and Recruits YY1.

Yu K, Davidson CE, Burshtyn DN
J Immunol.
2020 Jun 1;
doi: 10.4049/jimmunol.2000164
PMID: 32321755

LILRB1 polymorphisms influence posttransplant HCMV susceptibility and ligand interactions.

Yu K, Davidson CL, Wójtowicz A, Lisboa L, Wang T, Airo AM, Villard J, Buratto J, Sandalova T, Achour A, Humar A, Boggian K, Cusini A, van Delden C, Egli A, Manuel O, Mueller N, Bochud PY, Swiss Transplant Cohort Study, Burshtyn DN
J Clin Invest.
2018 Apr 2;
doi: 10.1172/JCI96174
PMID: 29528338


University of Alberta
Ph.D. Immunology (2020)


Postdoctoral Fellow
University of Alberta (2020)

Postdoctoral Fellow
City of Hope National Medical Center (2020-2021)

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