This program consists of several components: epidermal repair and regeneration, melanocyte biology, skin appendages, and vascular/lymphatics networks of the skin. Basic, translational, and clinical studies in these areas of research and support by this program. Within each of these components, specific focus areas include:

Skin Repair and Regeneration:

  • Basic studies of skin regeneration
  • Analysis of keratinocyte behavior during the normal wound healing process
  • New animal models of wound repair and regeneration
  • Basic, translational and clinical studies of chronic wounds
  • Abnormal wound healing in hereditary skin diseases
  • Skin scarring
  • Epithelial, mesenchymal and induced pluripotent stem cells in skin repair
  • Skin tissues engineering and improved skin equivalents

Melanocyte Biology:

  • Normal melanocyte development, differentiation and homeostasis
  • Skin pigmentation process and its regulation
  • Skin pigmentation disorders including hyperpigmentation and albinism
  • Photobiology of the skin
  • Melanocyte stem cells and their regulation
  • Early melanocyte transofrmation, melanocytic nevi, and melanoma prevention

Skin Appendages:

  • Development and maintenance of skin appendages
  • Diseases of skin appendages including hair, nails, sweat and sebaceous glands
  • Identifying potential stem cells and their niches
  • Function and regulation of stem cells in normal skin and diseases
  • Regenerative potential and conditions of skin appendages

Skin Vasculature and Lymphatic System:

  • Mechanisms of skin blood vessels and angiogenesis and lymphangiogenesis
  • Structure-function of blood and lymphatic vessels in normal skin development
  • Cellular, molecular biology and genetics of skin vasculature and lymphatics
  • Skin vascular malformations such as hemangioma and port wine stain


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The Division of Skin and Rheumatic Diseases promotes and supports basic, translational and clinical studies of skin, wound healing, and skin disorders, as well as adult and pediatric rheumatic diseases.


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