The program supports three primary research areas: clinical osteoarthritis; bone quality and skeletal imaging; and human genetics of bone and cartilage. Within each of these portfolio areas, studies emphasize the following:

Clinical osteoarthritis and the Osteoarthritis Initiative:

  • Epidemiology and pathogenesis of osteoarthritis.
  • Physical, environmental and genetic risk factors for osteoarthritis.
  • Treatment, prevention, and diagnosis of osteoarthritis.
  • Novel imaging methods for cartilage and joints.

Bone quality and skeletal imaging:

  • In vivo methods for macro and micro scale imaging of bone.
  • Architecture and mechanical properties of bone.
  • Multi-scale modeling of the human bone.
  • Assessment of bone quality.
  • Clinical studies related to bone strength and density.

Human genetics of bone and cartilage:

  • Genetic/genomic epidemiology.
  • Gene discovery and high throughput technologies.
  • Gene-environment interactions.

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