Resource-based Centers provide research infrastructure, shared facilities, services, and resources to groups of investigators to accelerate, enrich, and enhance the effectiveness of basic, translational, and clinical research within the NIAMS mission.

These FAQs apply to the following funding opportunity announcements (FOAs):

  • NIAMS Skin Biology and Diseases Resource-based Centers (P30 - Clinical Trial Not Allowed) (RFA-AR-19-001)
  • NIAMS Musculoskeletal Biology and Medicine Resource-based Centers (P30 - Clinical Trial Not Allowed) (RFA-AR-19-002)

If I have/had a NIAMS P30, can I submit a renewal application?

No, but you may submit a New Application. Please follow all guidelines for New Applications in NOT-OD-15-059.

Can I include a progress report if I have/had a NIAMS P30?

Progress reports are not allowed and you are not allowed to include the Progress Report Publication List. If you wish to include past progress:

  • Present as preliminary data and/or rationale for the proposed Resource-based Center.
  • Past use of cores can be added to the same table as projected use of cores,
  • Publications acknowledging the previous P30 can be listed in the Bibliography and References Cited section.

I have previously applied for a NIAMS P30. Can I re-submit the unsuccessful application as an A1?

No, resubmissions are not allowed. However, you may submit a New Application that does not refer to the previous application or review of the previous application. Please follow all guidelines for New Applications in NOT-OD-15-059.

Can I include large equipment in my application budget?

From the FOA: “This grant mechanism is not intended for acquisition of high-cost equipment. Equipment purchases by any Resource Core in excess of $25,000 for any year of the grant would require special justification. Under unusual circumstances, where costly items of equipment are requested, the application must document available equipment within the institution and provide clear justification in terms of core service to be provided by the Center. Costly items of equipment should be funded through other sources.” Any equipment must be included in the budget cap.

Do I need to charge user fees for the services and resources offered by the Resource Cores?

From the FOA: “It is expected that the Resource Cores will receive some reimbursement in the form of user fees [charged to the funds of the users] that will offset some of the Core costs specific for a project using the Core.” The Administrative Core component should describe how the Resource Core(s) will set user fees, taking into account applicable federal cost principles as discussed in NOT-OD-13-053.

Can I include Resource Cores and core users outside the grantee organization?


Does the research community need to be funded by NIAMS?

Not necessarily. However, the proposed Center should be serving a research community that will use Center resources for research within the NIAMS mission.

Can my P30 application focus on a single disease?


How do I handle Human Subjects and Vertebrate Animals in my application?

If no work is done in the Core that goes beyond approved protocols of other projects in the research community OR there is no human or animal activity involved, answer NO to human and animal involvement.

If a Core involves stand-alone human and/or animal activity you must answer YES to human and/or animal involvement and the required sections must be completed.

If I choose to have a Pilot and Feasibility Program, can I include specific projects within the application?

No, descriptions of projects or individuals named for support should NOT be included in the application. However, plans for soliciting, reviewing, selecting, managing and reporting on the results of projects during the tenure of the Center, should be included in the application.

Should I include names of proposed Advisory Committee members?

No. Describe the expected composition of the Advisory Committee (number of members, types of expertise, etc.), but do NOT name the members of the committee who are not from the Center Institution in the application so as not to limit the pool of potential reviewers.

Can I use the appendix to include commonly used services offered by an existing Resource Core? Can I use the appendix to include a list of publications by Core users? Can I use the appendix to include a list of abbreviations used throughout my application?

No, to all three questions. Please see the New Appendix Policies (NOT-OD-17-098 and NOT-OD-18-126), and the FAQs on the NIH/AHRQ/NIOSH Appendix Policy.

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