The following guidelines and templates ensure consistent operating procedures and oversight for clinical research studies.

Clinical Trial Protocol Template

NIH-FDA Phase 2 and 3 IND/IDE Clinical Trial Protocol Template

Protocol template (DOC – 349 KB)

Protocol template (PDF – 1469 KB)

Guidelines for Developing a Manual of Operating Procedures (MOOP)

Guidelines and templates for developing a clinical study MOOP to facilitate consistency in protocol implementation and data collection across staff, patients and clinical sites.

Multi-site Guidelines

Guidelines (PDF – 213 KB)

Appendices (PDF – 213 KB)

Single-site Guidelines

Guidelines (PDF – 213 KB)

Appendices (PDF – 109 KB)

Report Templates for Studies with Data and Safety Monitoring Oversight

Templates for investigators, study staff, data managers, study statisticians and others involved in submitting periodic reports to NIAMS-appointed, independent monitoring bodies (e.g., an independent Data and Safety Monitoring Board or Safety Officer). The proposed structure should be customized according to the individual study needs. Additional or fewer reports may be appropriate, but the templates serve as a starting point.

Multi-site Templates

Open Session Reports (PDF – 109 KB)

Closed Session Reports (PDF – 770 KB)

Single-site Templates

Open Session Reports (PDF – 770 KB)

Closed Session Reports (PDF – 770 KB)

Additional Forms and Templates 

Target Enrollment Change Request Form

PDF Version (PDF – 612 KB)

Site Addition Request Form

PDF Version (PDF – 207 KB)

Actual vs Expected Enrollment Graph

Word Version (DOC – 83.5 KB)

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