Acknowledging your NIAMS/NIH support

NIH is here to support you. When you communicate your research findings to the world, please acknowledge relevant NIAMS/NIH funding in research papers, presentations, news releases, and other communications. This helps fulfill our commitment to inform the American public about the vital role of the NIH and biomedical research.

Here are some tips for communicating about your federal funding

  1. When you acknowledge NIH support, please check that you are accurately linking your research accomplishments to the appropriate grant number(s). This allows NIH and the public to clearly assess the impact of the research that we fund.
  2. If you have more than one grant, please only cite the grant number(s) that supported the research you are specifically communicating about. If you are unsure which grants to acknowledge, the specific aims of the grant should be the determining factor.
  3. Please cite the grant numbers in the correct format to ensure federally-supported information resources, such as PubMed, PubMed Central, and RePORTER have the most accurate information.

If you have an accepted publication or your institution is planning a press release, please contact the NIAMS Science Communications and Outreach Branch so NIAMS staff can explore potential publicity opportunities with you and your institution.


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Last Updated: May 2022