The Financial Management Branch (FMB) fulfills the following functions on behalf of the NIAMS:

  • Plans, directs, and coordinates the financial management activities of the Institute.
  • Advises the Director and other senior staff on the management of the financial and personnel resources of the Institute.
  • Allocates funds according to the Institute’s priorities within DHHS and NIH policies.
  • Manages the Institute's budget process, which includes providing guidance to Institute staff on budget preparation and management; submitting various financial reporting required by NIH, DHHS, OMB, and Congress; and executing the Institute's operating budget through fiscal allocations and the monitoring of expenditures.
  • Reviews and clears budgetary and financial data released for congressional and public inquiries.
  • Collaborates with the Scientific Planning, Policy, and Analysis Branch (SPPAB) and senior staff to formulate financial projections required for the Congressional Justification to NIH, DHHS, OMB, and Congress.
  • Administers the Institute's budgetary, accounting, and funds control systems, ensuring that they are compatible with NIH and Departmental accounting systems and provides Institute management and staff with reliable accounting, financial management, and personnel/FTE resource utilization data.
  • Performs analysis and provides information on the historic, current, and prospective financial status of the Institute for briefing and reporting purposes.
  • Assists the Director and other senior staff in the presentation of the budget to Congress by preparing background, briefing, and source material, and coordinates responses to questions concerning the financial management of the Institute.
Christopher Nee
Budget Officer
Herman Utama
Deputy Budget Officer
Deepak Mathur
Budget Analyst
Brian Leggs
Budget Analyst
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