Dr. Dizon received his M.D./Ph.D. at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. His thesis project focused on understanding the functions of naturally-occurring self-reactive B cells and antibodies in murine models of autoimmune diabetes. He then completed an Internal Medicine-Pediatrics residency at the University of Rochester.

Pursuing his scientific interest in understanding the contributions of B cells and antibodies to the pathogenesis of systemic autoimmune diseases across the spectrum of life, Dr. Dizon then completed a combined rheumatology fellowship at NIAMS and Children’s National Hospital. He is currently a NIAMS Metzger Scholar in Translational Research continuing his training to become an independent physician-scientist.

Research Statement

Working in the lab of Dr. Susan Pierce, Dr. Dizon's research focuses on understanding the functions and regulation of autoreactive B cells in chronic infections (malaria), systemic autoimmunity (lupus), and long-lived immune responses elicited by vaccines (HPV vaccine). Autoreactive B cells are a component of the healthy immune system but are tightly regulated by a programmed state of hyporesponsiveness called anergy.

His research aims to understand how anergic  B cells are activated or "awakened" under certain conditions to participate in responses to pathogens and vaccines, but also how these B cells function abnormally in systemic autoimmune diseases such as lupus.

Scientific Publications

Atypical B cells in chronic infectious diseases and systemic autoimmunity: puzzles with many missing pieces.

Ambegaonkar AA, Holla P, Dizon BL, Sohn H, Pierce SK
Curr Opin Immunol.
2022 Aug;
doi: 10.1016/j.coi.2022.102227
PMID: 35724448

The tangled web of autoreactive B cells in malaria immunity and autoimmune disease.

Dizon BLP, Pierce SK
Trends Parasitol.
2022 May;
doi: 10.1016/
PMID: 35120815

Shared transcriptional profiles of atypical B cells suggest common drivers of expansion and function in malaria, HIV, and autoimmunity.

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Systematic evaluation of nine monogenic autoinflammatory diseases reveals common and disease-specific correlations with allergy-associated features.

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Lupus-like autoimmunity and increased interferon response in patients with STAT3-deficient hyper-IgE syndrome.

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doi: 10.1093/rheumatology/keaa757
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Neonatal Exposure to Commensal-Bacteria-Derived Antigens Directs Polysaccharide-Specific B-1 B Cell Repertoire Development.

New JS, Dizon BLP, Fucile CF, Rosenberg AF, Kearney JF, King RG
2020 Jul 14;
doi: 10.1016/j.immuni.2020.06.006
PMID: 32610078


University of Miami (Florida)
B.S. Microbiology 2003

University of Miami (Florida)
B.A. Chemistry 2003

University of Alabama at Birmingham
M.D./Ph.D. 2013


University of Rochester (New York)
Residency in Internal-Medicine and Pediatrics (2013-2017)

NIAMS and Children’s National Hospital
Combined Rheumatology Fellowship (2017-2021)

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