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Research in NIAMS Labs

Updated June 18, 2015

Photo of Dr. Adriana Almeida de Jesus.

NIAMS Intramural Research Program at Work

Dr. Adriana Almeida de Jesus (pictured) and other NIAMS intramural investigators describe advances and ongoing research. Patients describe their experiences, too, in this video compilation.

Photo of attendees reviewing a poster.

2015 NIAMS IRP Scientific Training

The annual NIAMS IRP Scientific Training is a two-day event that gives NIAMS investigators the opportunity to interact away from the bench and learn about each otherís research via oral presentations and poster sessions. This yearís program featured keynote presentations from four science gurus as well as a best-selling sports writer. The event concluded with an awards presentation where Outstanding Poster Award winners received autographed copies of The Sports Gene.

Photo of four poster winners.

NIAMS Fellows Receive Outstanding Poster Awards

Congratulations to the following NIAMS Postbac Fellows who received Outstanding Poster Awards at the 2015 NIH Postbac Poster Day (l to r): Jorge Irizarry-Caro, Systemic Autoimmunity Branch; Meghan Kellet, Laboratory of Skin Biology; Erika Hayes, Immunoregulation Section; Wilson Huang, Laboratory of Muscle Stem Cells and Gene Regulation.

Screenshot of the software results.

NIAMS IRP Researchers Develop Software for ChIP-Seq Data Analysis

A recently published article from researchers in the NIAMS Intramural Research Program describes a newly developed software tool for ChIP-Seq data analysis. The Peak Assignment and Profile Search Tool (PAPST) is a user-friendly platform that provides quick analysis of complex ChIP-Seq data and puts powerful bioinformatics in the hands of bench scientists.

Photo of students in the lab.

NIAMS Welcomes High School Students to the Lab

The Career Development and Outreach Branch (CDOB) welcomed 24 high school students to tour NIAMS labs as part of the annual "NIH Take Your Child to Work Day" event. Students were given a brief overview of the NIH and NIAMS before heading to the lab to learn about genomic editing. The hands-on demonstration consisted of DNA isolation and modification using automated robotics, and participants were given the opportunity to load samples and run agarose gels.