Updated September 10, 2014

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Gene Linked to Potentially Life-Threatening Autoinflammatory Disorder

NIAMS Multicultural Outreach News — September 11, 2014

NIAMS Interns Reflect on Their 2014 Summer Experience

Antibodies Act Jointly to Promote Inflammation in Rheumatoid Arthritis

Study in Mice Links Key Signaling Molecule to Underlying Cause of Osteogenesis Imperfecta

Insights Into Severe Form of Dwarfism Could Lead to New Treatment Strategies

NIAMS welcomes five new advisory council members

NIAMS Update — August 21, 2014

Special Announcement — August 21, 2014, Letter from Dr. Stephen I. Katz: Advances and Insights From Rare Disease Research

Gene Linked to Rare Inflammatory Disease in Children

NIH Scientists Identify Gene Linked to Fatal Inflammatory Disease in Children NIH Record (scroll to last item)

NIHís Common Fund Celebrates Its First Decade

Katz Receives Lifetime Career Educator Award

Astronaut Hopkins Recounts 6 Months in Space

Rheumatoid Arthritis: When Your Immune System Attacks Your Body

Commonly Prescribed Blood Thinner Associated with Higher Risk of Post-Surgery Complications

NIAMS Update — July 24, 2014

Special Announcement — July 24, 2014, Letter from Dr. Stephen I. Katz: Celebrating a Decade of Discovery with the Common Fund and PROMIS

NIH scientists identify gene linked to fatal inflammatory disease in children

NIH, PCORI announce major award to prevent falls injuries in older people

NIAMS Update — June 26, 2014

Sun and Skin, The Dark Side of Sun Exposure

Hormone treatment restores bone density for young women with menopause-like condition

Investigating the Causes of Chronic Itch: New Advances Could Bring Relief

NASA Astronaut, NIH Officials Discuss Medical Research Being Done on Space Station

June Shorttakes

Progress Made in Lupus Diagnosis and Treatment

Deyo Discusses Therapies for Low-Back Pain

NIAMS Update — May 22, 2014

Special Announcement — May 22, 2014, Letter from Dr. Stephen I. Katz: Growing our Social Media Presence

Human leukocyte antigen protein implicated as contributing to BehÁet disease

Bone Hormone Found to Influence Brain Development and Function in Mice

Tick Talk, Block Tick Bites and Lyme Disease