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NIAMS Launches Flickr Image Gallery


The NIAMS has launched an online gallery on the image sharing platform Flickr. The gallery showcases images and abstracts from researchers working in the NIAMS intramural labs, scientific images from the intramural and extramural research programs, NIAMS clinical research, and images from NIAMS publications. The abstracts and related information are searchable. The NIH recently migrated its image collection to Flickr from a stand-alone database to better align its resources with popular social media tools. NIAMS followed suit to facilitate connections between the Institute and the NIH image resources. Most images in the NIAMS gallery are in the public domain. Some
Aster Kenea, B.S.
Biologist, Contractor

High-resolution 3D images reveal the muscle mitochondrial power grid


A new study overturns longstanding scientific ideas regarding how energy is distributed within muscles for powering movement. Scientists are reporting the first clear evidence that muscle cells distribute energy primarily by the rapid conduction of electrical charges through a vast, interconnected network of mitochondria — the cell’s “powerhouse” — in a way that resembles the wire grid that distributes power throughout a city. The study offers an unprecedented, detailed look at the distribution system that rapidly provides energy throughout the cell where it is needed for muscle contraction. The scientists accomplished the results using state-of-the-art imaging technologies at the National