Special Features of the NIAMS Intramural Research Program

The special features of the NIAMS IRP research environment allows our intramural scientists to avoid non-innovative science and pursue riskier paths that may lead to major advances in our basic knowledge and clinical abilities. The significant uniqueness of the IRP includes:

  • Long-term investment: relatively long-term stable funding, which allows scientists to undertake research with a potentially high payoff but a long germination period
  • Teamwork: a critical mass of researchers who can interact collaboratively to assemble teams to attack complex problems
  • Resources: the ability to purchase major capital equipment and create facilities with short notice
  • Short start-up: short start-up time to address urgent problems in public health and to develop newly emerging scientific fields
  • Clinical research: a premier clinical research facility in the country for conducting innovative research that takes basic science from "Bench to Bedside"

Capitalize on the special features of the NIAMS intramural program.

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Reviewed January 11, 2013