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This image was acquired using the Leica TCS SP8 X confocal scope, and applying a Z-stack acquisition modality to grab several focal planes along the Z-axis (to cover the entire volume of the cells). All focal planes were recomposed to create a 3D rendering of the cells and the image was exported and post-processed using the Imaris 9.7 image analysis software. The resulting image shows two monocytes, where nuclei (displaying the typical horseshoe shape) are depicted in violet and the plasma membrane in yellow with transparency.

Image acquired/processed by Robert Kwiat, Post-bac Fellow, Dr. Luis Franco’s Functional Immunogenomics Section, with assistance from Dr. Davide Randazzo, Chief, Light Imaging Section.

Robert Kwiat, Dr. Luis Franco, Functional Immunogenomics Section; Dr. Davide Randazzo, Light Imagine Section; NIAMS
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Scientific Image
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Leica TCS SP8 X confocal scope