Principal Investigator

Martha Somerman, D.D.S., Ph.D.

Dr. Martha Somerman is chief of the Laboratory of Oral Connective Tissue Biology. Dr. Somerman’s research has focused on defining the key regulators controlling development, maintenance and regeneration of dental-oral-craniofacial tissues.

The Laboratory of Oral Connective Tissue Biology studies the molecular biology of dental-oral-craniofacial development, with a focus on the periodontal complex. We aim to understand cells and signals influencing tooth, bone, and periodontal ligament development in order to identify improved regenerative strategies. A variety of approaches are taken, including in vitro cell and organ culture, transgenic animal models for studying gene function, in vivo models for studying periodontal repair and regeneration, and studies involving human subjects focusing on genetic disorders and pathologies affecting the dentoalveolar complex. These studies should provide greater insight on all hard and soft connective tissues, as well as help identify links between systemic conditions and the oral cavity.

Our lab's recent focus areas have been:

  • Role of phosphate and pyrophosphate metabolism in physiology and pathology of the dentoalveolar complex.
  • Role of extracellular matrix proteins and signaling molecules in development of the tooth root and differentiation of associated cell types.
  • Novel approaches for periodontal regeneration.

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Scientific Publications

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