Program Description

As part of its commitment to train the next generation of leaders in rheumatology research and education, the Intramural Research Program of the NIAMS created the Henry Metzger and Lawrence Shulman Scholars Programs in Rheumatologic Research and the Stephen I. Katz Scholars Program in Dermatologic Research. These programs give outstanding candidates advanced training in rheumatology, dermatology and related fields in genetics, immunology and inflammation biology after completing clinical training in adult or pediatric rheumatology or dermatology, and create a bridge to progress toward independently-funded positions.

The Metzger Scholars Program, for those pursuing primarily lab-based rheumatology research, is named for Henry Metzger, M.D., a distinguished immunologist and the first Scientific Director of Intramural Research at the NIAMS. The Shulman Scholars Program, for those pursuing primarily clinically-based rheumatology research, is named for Lawrence E. Shulman, M.D., Ph.D., the first Director of the NIAMS and a noted clinician-investigator. 

The Katz Scholars Program, named in honor of Stephen I. Katz, M.D., Ph.D., the renowned dermatologist/immunologist, former Dermatology Branch Chief and long-standing NIAMS Director, is intended for dermatologists pursuing advanced research training in the Dermatology Branch.

Program Details

Scholars will work under the supervision of a NIAMS or other NIH senior faculty member, and will have access to the extensive core facilities at the NIAMS and other institutes on the main NIH research campus in Bethesda, MD. Scholars will have the opportunity to carry out investigational clinical trials at the NIH Clinical Center, the world's largest and most advanced research hospital and winner of the 2011 Lasker-Bloomberg Public Service Award for excellence in biomedical and translational research. Applicants with more extensive research experience and publication record may be considered for Assistant Clinical Investigator positions, which include independent research resources. These positions are designed to prepare candidates for tenure-track faculty positions in the extramural community or at the NIH, where they will be candidates for the Lasker Scholars program, a faculty development program for translational investigators in the NIH intramural training program.


Trainees who have completed accredited rheumatology or dermatology training programs are eligible to apply for the Scholars program. Scholars are expected to contribute to clinical activities through teaching in the outpatient clinics, attending on the consult service, taking call, and initiating and working with patients on NIAMS or related clinical protocols.

Training Period

Scholars are fully funded for up to four years.

Financial Support

Stipend and tuition support for a Master’s degree from the Duke-NIH program in clinical research.

How to Apply

Applicants should send inquiries to NIH faculty members, Dr. Robert Colbert, Clinical Director, NIAMS (Rheumatology Scholars) or Dr. Edward Cowen, Acting Chief, Dermatology Branch (Dermatology Scholars). Applications will be considered on a rolling basis as they are received. Applicants must be accepted into a lab or research group related to rheumatology or dermatology research at the NIH prior to starting the program. Applications will be evaluated by a search committee composed of intramural principal investigators with clinical and basic research interests. Competitive candidates will be asked to present their research accomplishments and plans to the search committee. Read more about the Labs @ NIAMS.

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