What is the process?

  • Determine if your idea is a good fit for the RISK program
    • Contacting a program officer is always encouraged as a first step to determine if your idea is a good fit for this mechanism.
  • Pre-application X02
    • Once you’ve determined if your idea is a good fit for the RISK mechanism, the next step is to submit an X02 pre-application.
    • X02 pre-applications are reviewed anonymously, so it is critical that no identifying information is included in the X02 application.
    • De-identified applications allow reviewers to evaluate applications solely on the significance and innovation of the idea, which are the only two scored review criteria from the X02 pre-application phase.
    • This pre-application is limited to 3 pages and must include:
      • Project title
      • Research essay with the headings: Concept Summary, Innovation, and Significance
    • The results of the X02 review will not have an overall impact score (it will say “Null” on your summary statement), and you will only see the individual reviewer comments and scores for the significance and innovation criteria.
    • NIAMS program staff will invite the most meritorious and innovative X02 applicants to submit an application for the R61/R33 mechanism.
    • NIAMS strongly recommends applicants submit an X02 pre-application.
  • Full R61/R33 Application
    • The R61/R33 application is where you fully describe your research strategy. The review of R61/R33 application is not conducted in an anonymous fashion as the standard review criteria are followed.
    • The R61/R33 is a single application that encompasses two phases
      • R61 Phase:
        • Must propose critical experiments for unambiguously testing the innovative idea
        • Must explicitly set milestones for gauging the success of the R61 phase
        • Progress on milestones will be administratively reviewed by NIAMS program staff in order to determine if transition to R33 phase is warranted
      • R33 Phase:
        • Award is contingent on the milestone results from R61 phase
        • The R33 phase should describe additional research for further exploration if the innovation is promising
        • It is expected that not all applicants will be awarded the R33 phase
    • Review of the R61/R33 follows the same format as a traditional face-to-face meeting following the standard review criteria, though please pay attention and address the RISK-specific review criteria listed in the FOA.
  • Grant Specifics:
    • Eligibility
      • Foreign institutions or components are not allowed
      • Multi-PI applications are allowed
    • Award Funding
      • R61: Up to $250,000 direct costs per year for two years
      • R33: Up to $250,000 direct costs per year for one year

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