In February 2015, NIAMS launched the Supplements to Advance Research, or STAR, awards program to provide additional support for early career-stage investigators. The Institute awarded the first three STAR awards in July 2015. Supplemental funding provided by the STAR awards allows early-established investigators who have renewed their first NIAMS-funded R01 grant to pursue innovative and high-risk research within the broader scope of a current NIAMS-funded, peer-reviewed research project.

Although the FOA mentions that the research proposed under the administrative supplement must be within the original scope of the NIH-supported grant, the NIAMS is defining within scope in the broadest possible sense for the purpose for the STAR program. It is the intention of the NIAMS that the STAR program will allow space for flexibility, innovation, and risk-taking in a direction that is related to the research area of the parent R01, rather than being simply an extension of the specific aims. This flexibility is optimized to allow the principal investigator to propose endeavors that may be challenging, creative, and innovative, and that if successful, would broaden the scope of the research program. The award also helps investigators to expand a single, structured research project into a broader multi-faceted research program.

For additional information and application due dates, please see the FOA:

You may also contact the STAR coordinator at if you have any questions.

Last Reviewed: 09/27/2016