The NIAMS is involved in a range of activities that provide information to communities and professional and voluntary organizations about the NIAMS and how we can support their ongoing health efforts.

Community Outreach Initiative
The Community Outreach Initiative connects health care providers and community organizers with free resources about bones, joints, muscles, and skin for outreach efforts and community events.

NIAMS “Adopt-a-School” Partnerships
The NIAMS works with students, teachers, and school administrators at select schools to encourage students’ interest in pursuing a career in biomedical research.

NIAMS Coalition
The NIAMS Coalition is an independent consortium of more than 90 professional and voluntary organizations that are devoted to raising awareness of NIAMS research.

NIAMS Intramural Research Summer Student Program
Students in high school, undergraduate, graduate and medical students have the opportunity to work in one of the NIAMS labs to learn research skills, attend lectures and symposia, and gain experience presenting.

Last Updated: August 2019