MPPIB is located within the Office of the Director, Office of Administrative Management, and is responsible for matters related to organizational design and effectiveness, administrative management, and policy and management controls. Specific functions include:

  • Develops and/or provides advice for the development of general administrative policies and procedures and their implementation throughout the Institute.
  • Designs and conducts management studies and surveys including manpower utilization, workload measurement, work simplification, etc., for all parts of the Institute.
    • Conducts studies and analyses of institute management functions, program and administrative operations, and policy compliance.
    • Analyzes and provides advice on organization proposals.
  • Coordinates responses to data calls from NIH/DHHS.
  • Provides consultation and assistance to the Office of the Director, NIAMS, and other key officials.
  • Coordinates, analyzes, and provides advice on all organizational change proposals for the institute.
  • Coordinates and maintains the Institute's performance management systems for employees and Senior Level/SES Executives.
  • Coordinates and manages the Institute’s awards program (i.e., NIH Director’s Awards, NIAMS Director’s Awards, Commission Corps Awards, Outside Awards, PMAP Awards, Special Act Awards).
  • Coordinates, implements, and test-pilot various programs and systems for the management of new administrative initiatives.
  • Interprets, analyzes, and makes recommendations concerning delegations and re-delegations of program and administrative authorities, and develops appropriate delegating documents.
  • Plans, directs, and coordinates administrative initiatives, serving as "change agents," to facilitate change that would affect the Institute, to include identifying, developing. and coordinating actions requiring transition.
  • Develops, implements, and manages leadership development training and education programs for the Institute.
  • Facilitates recruiting and retention programs (i.e., Workplace Flexibilities, Student Loan Repayment).
  • Coordinates, manages, and oversees various programs/activities such as the Emergency Management/Continuity of Operations Program, Emergency Tier Designation Program, Enterprise Risk Management Program, FAIR Act Inventory, various leave programs (i.e., Voluntary Leave Transfer Program, Paid Parental Leave, Parental Bereavement Leave, Family and Medical Leave), Workforce/Succession Planning, Management Directive 715 (MD-715), Privacy Act, Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey, Records Management, Mandatory Training (for employees and supervisors), OMB Paper Reduction Act, and NIAMS Committee Listing.
  • Facilitates onboarding (i.e., Telework Eligibility, Tier Designation, PMAP) and offboarding (i.e., Exit Survey).
  • Coordinates and manages the Institute's intranet content.
Lillian Cosme
Lead Management Analyst
Jorge Zapata
Lead Management Analyst
Sandy Cheng
Management Analyst
David Clary
Mangement & Program Analyst
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