Research and applications scientist with bench-top experience in academic, government, biotech, and clinical laboratories.

Expertise in molecular and cell biology, cancer research, bioinformatics, genetics, genomics, immunology, and statistics. Command-line bioinformatics experience. Laboratory management and customer support experience. Novel platform, assay development, and research project management experience.

Scientific Publications

NCBI's Virus Discovery Codeathon: Building "FIVE" -The Federated Index of Viral Experiments API Index.

Martí-Carreras J, Gener AR, Miller SD, Brito AF, Camacho CE, Connor R, Deboutte W, Glickman C, Kristensen DM, Meyer WK, Modha S, Norris AL, Saha S, Belford AK, Biederstedt E, Brister JR, Buchmann JP, Cooley NP, Edwards RA, Javkar K, Muchow M, Muralidharan HS, Pepe-Ranney C, Shah N, Shakya M, Tisza MJ, Tully BJ, Vanmechelen B, Virta VC, Weissman JL, Zalunin V, Efremov A, Busby B
2020 Dec 10;
doi: 10.3390/v12121424
PMID: 33322070

PubRunner: A light-weight framework for updating text mining results.

Anekalla KR, Courneya JP, Fiorini N, Lever J, Muchow M, Busby B
doi: 10.12688/f1000research.11389.2
PMID: 29152221

Mouse Prkar1a haploinsufficiency leads to an increase in tumors in the Trp53+/- or Rb1+/- backgrounds and chemically induced skin papillomas by dysregulation of the cell cycle and Wnt signaling.

Almeida MQ, Muchow M, Boikos S, Bauer AJ, Griffin KJ, Tsang KM, Cheadle C, Watkins T, Wen F, Starost MF, Bossis I, Nesterova M, Stratakis CA
Hum Mol Genet.
2010 Apr 15;
doi: 10.1093/hmg/ddq014
PMID: 20080939

Protein kinase A effects of an expressed PRKAR1A mutation associated with aggressive tumors.

Meoli E, Bossis I, Cazabat L, Mavrakis M, Horvath A, Stergiopoulos S, Shiferaw ML, Fumey G, Perlemoine K, Muchow M, Robinson-White A, Weinberg F, Nesterova M, Patronas Y, Groussin L, Bertherat J, Stratakis CA
Cancer Res.
2008 May 1;
doi: 10.1158/0008-5472.CAN-08-0064
PMID: 18451138

Clinical and molecular genetics of patients with the Carney-Stratakis syndrome and germline mutations of the genes coding for the succinate dehydrogenase subunits SDHB, SDHC, and SDHD.

Pasini B, McWhinney SR, Bei T, Matyakhina L, Stergiopoulos S, Muchow M, Boikos SA, Ferrando B, Pacak K, Assie G, Baudin E, Chompret A, Ellison JW, Briere JJ, Rustin P, Gimenez-Roqueplo AP, Eng C, Carney JA, Stratakis CA
Eur J Hum Genet.
2008 Jan;

Multiple gastrointestinal stromal and other tumors caused by platelet-derived growth factor receptor alpha gene mutations: a case associated with a germline V561D defect.

Pasini B, Matyakhina L, Bei T, Muchow M, Boikos S, Ferrando B, Carney JA, Stratakis CA
J Clin Endocrinol Metab.
2007 Sep;


University of Maryland, College Park
Ph.D., Molecular and Cell Biology

University of Maryland, College Park
M.S., Animal Science

University of Maryland, College Park
B.S., Biological Sciences

University of Maryland, University College
Graduate School Certificate, Bioinformatics


Research Biologist (Bioinformatics)
NIST (2015-2017)

Bioinformatics Collaborator
NCBI (2017)

Sr. Research Specialist
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine (2020)

Senior Scientist
AstraZeneca (2021-2022)

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