Mackenzie Martin is a postbaccalaureate fellow and works for Dr. Isaac Dr. Browell in the Cutaneous Development and Carcinogenesis Section at the NIAMS. She helps evaluate the role of the GFI1 gene in Merkel cell survival regulated through the dependence receptor pathway. Mackenzie has also developed a research project focused on the health disparities specific to Merkel cell carcinoma (MCC). Working with collaborators, she analyzes data from cancer registries and published works to better characterize racial disparities in MCC outcomes. Additionally, she assists in Dr. Brownell’s clinical trial as a medical photographer.


Colgate University
B.A., Molecular Biology & Economics (2021)


COVID-19 & Wellness Screener
Care Dimensions, MA (2020)

Research Assistant
Tuune, London, UK (2019)

Clinical Research Assistant
Massachusetts General Hospital, MA (2019-2020)

Manzi Fellow - Assistant Case Manager
Boston Healthcare for the Homeless, MA (2018)

Last Updated: October 2022