Emma graduated with a bachelor's degree in anthropology with an emphasis on biological anthropology from the University of Kansas. Her senior honors thesis focused on an mtDNA haplotype study of the possible migrations of Arctic peoples in the Aleutian Islands and its effects on contemporary population distribution. She worked in Dr. Jennifer Raff's Ancient DNA lab at the University of Kansas and previously attended the Slavia Project, Mortuary Archaeology Field School in Giecz, Poland.

In her spare time, Emma enjoys rollerskating, playing the harp, and drawing.

Research Statement

Emma is interested in studying gene expression and regulation at both the molecular and population-wide levels, especially with regard to health.


University of Kansas
Bachelors, Anthropology (2020)


Lab Assistant
State of Kansas Laboratory, COVID-19 Unit (2020-2021)

Assistant Curator
Archaeological Collections, Spooner Hall (2019-2020)

Lab Assistant-Student
Raff DNA Lab, University of Kansas (2019-2019)

Last Updated: September 2021