Dr. Edward W. Cowen leads the NIH Dermatology Consultation Service, conducts independent and collaborative research, and oversees the continuing medication education-accredited Dermatology Grand Rounds, Branch Clinical Fellowship and resident education programs. He is an internationally recognized expert in cutaneous graft-versus-host disease and serves as Director on the American Board of Dermatology as well as on the Editorial Board of JAMA Dermatology.

Research Statement

Dr. Cowen’s primary interests include chronic graft-versus-host disease (GVHD), primary immunodeficiency, autoinflammatory skin disease, cancer genodermatoses, and adverse drug reactions. As a founding member of the NIH chronic GVHD program, Dr. Cowen has authored more than 50 original manuscripts and chapters relating to the disease. Novel discoveries include the first identification of total body irradiation as a risk factor for skin fibrosis in chronic GVHD, the first comprehensive description of GVHD-associated angiomatosis, and the first link between voriconazole exposure and squamous cell carcinoma in allogeneic hematopoietic cell transplant recipients. Current research interests include novel treatments for skin fibrosis and objective measurement tools to assess disease activity and response.

Dr. Cowen also participates in the NIH Undiagnosed Disease program and has been involved in the description of several novel syndromes in collaboration with other NIH investigators, including deficiency of the IL-1 receptor antagonist (DIRA), GATA2 deficiency, ADA2 deficiency, cutaneous skeletal hypophosphatemia syndrome, and SAVI syndrome.

Scientific Publications

Janus kinase (JAK) inhibition with baricitinib in refractory juvenile dermatomyositis.

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Risk factors and characterization of vitiligo and alopecia areata in patients with chronic graft-vs-host disease.

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Efficacy of Intralesional Botulinum Toxin A for Treatment of Painful Cutaneous Leiomyomas: A Randomized Clinical Trial.

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Graft-versus-host disease: part II. Management of cutaneous graft-versus-host disease.

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Chronic phototoxicity and aggressive squamous cell carcinoma of the skin in children and adults during treatment with voriconazole.

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doi: 10.1016/j.jaad.2009.09.033
PMID: 19896749


Pennsylvania State College of Medicine

Duke University
M.S., Health Sciences in Clinical Research

Cornell University
B.S., Biology


Acting Chief
Dermatology Branch, NIAMS, NIH

Dermatology Consultation Service, NIH, 2009 – present

Senior Clinician, 2013
Dermatology Branch, NIAMS, NIH

Senior Staff
Dermatology Branch,
NCI, NIH, 2004 – 2009

Adjunct Faculty
Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences and Georgetown University

Fellowship in Clinical Research
Dermatology Branch, NCI, NIH

Residency in Dermatology, Chief Resident
University of Rochester

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