Devin graduated from Loyola University Maryland in May 2022 with a B.S. in Chemistry/Psychology. Before coming to NIH, she was a research specialist in the laboratory of Dr. Dean Rosenthal at Georgetown University Medical Center, where she optimized a high-throughput screening platform for the measurement of DNA damage in donor-derived isogenic skin cell lines from Fitzpatrick phototypes I-VI, representative of the diverse American population. Devin investigated the ability of different skin cell types to repair double-stranded breaks induced by UVA exposure, the protective effects of melanin against photoaging, and the genotoxicity of chemical UV filters on cultured skin cells in the presence and absence of UV radiation. 

Research Statement

Devin’s research is focused on analyzing the diversity of the T-cell receptor repertoire in the context of scleroderma pathogenesis. The Gourh lab is especially interested in identifying genetic risk factors for systemic sclerosis in individuals of African descent, who are disproportionately affected by the disease. 


Loyola University Maryland; Baltimore, MD 
B.S. in Chemistry/Psychology (2018-2022)


Research Specialist 
Georgetown University Medical Center; Washington, DC (2023-2024)

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