Chloe Palmer completed her B.S. in biochemistry with an additional focus in pharmacology at the University of Vermont in 2023. Her undergraduate research examined the impact of the protein Miro1 on mitochondrial dynamics, focusing on how mitochondrial trafficking changes relative to the MAPK pathway and the phosphorylation of ERK. After an early graduation, Chloe continued her research as a laboratory technician. Outside of an academic research setting, Chloe worked at the UVM medical center as a pharmacy technician and was a member of the Kappa Delta sorority.

She currently works as a postbaccalaureate student in Dr. Peter Grayson’s lab at NIAMS. Chloe plans to obtain a Ph.D. in human genetics, immunology, or pharmacology.

Research Statement

Chloe’s research projects focus on profiling single-cell RNA sequencing of blood to identify clonal populations of cells related to genetic findings in patients with ultra-rare forms of vasculitis.


University of Vermont
B.S., Biochemistry (2023)


Postbaccalaureate Fellowship
National Institutes of Health (2023-2025)

Laboratory Technician
University of Vermont, Cunniff Lab (2022-2023)

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