Ariel Bohner, B.S., is an aspiring veterinary clinical researcher. She completed her bachelor's degree at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, majoring in biology and biomathematics. She studied animal research and the application of mathematical and computational approaches to salient biological problems, ranging from bird flight patterns to E. coli metabolism. Her degree culminated in an undergraduate thesis on joint motion and prior skeletal injury in canine subjects.

In the last two years, Ariel completed her veterinary studies at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine and proceeded to pursue orthopedic research studying mitochondrial networks' response to injury with cartilage in situ. Currently, she is taking a gap year to complete a Medical Research Scholar Program (MRSP) Fellowship at the NIH studying, in vivo, the neutrophil response to glucocorticoids. 


Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
B.S., Biology, Biomathematics (2019)


Predoctoral Fellowship - MRSP
NIH Clinical Center (2021)

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