Andrew Borbi received his B.A. in biophysics from the University of Pennsylvania. He spent a summer working under Dr. Audrey John to advance the development of antimalarial compounds by determining their cellular, genetic, and enzymatic mechanisms of action. He is currently in the Functional Immunogenomics Section (FIS) at NIAMS studying the functional effects of glucocorticoids on human neutrophils.

Research Statement

Andrew's experimental work in the FIS focuses on dissecting the effects of glucocorticoids on human innate immune cells. Specifically, the group has recently discovered a set of highly atypical behaviors of the glucocorticoid receptor (GR) in human neutrophils. Ongoing work in the lab studies the molecular biology of GR in neutrophils. Andrew's work will complement the lab's goals by identifying functional effects of glucocorticoids on human neutrophils and employing RNA-seq, CUT&RUN, and ChIP-seq to understand the genomic underpinnings of those effects.


University of Pennsylvania
B.A., Biophysics (2023)


Postbaccalaureate Fellowship
Functional Immunogenomics Section, NIH/NIAMS, Bethesda, MD (2023-Present)

Summer Research Intern
Center for Undergraduate Research & Fellowships (CURF), University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA (2021)

Last Updated: September 2023