Research Statement

My major research interest is represented by the study of the regulation of gene expression. During my PhD I have focused my attention on the mechanisms by which oncogenic transcription factors may promote cancer development by de-regulating transcription. Currently, I am focused on the study of the relationship between chromatin architecture and gene regulation on genomic scale in immune cells. Our main goal is to elucidate general mechanisms of transcription factors usage, to start to shed light onto the “grammar” which regulates the binding to DNA and the activity of these molecules in different cell types.

Besides this, we are trying to use different genetic engineering techniques to generate transgenic mouse models to produce antibodies of potential clinical and investigative interest.

Scientific Publications

High mobility group A1 protein modulates autophagy in cancer cells.

Conte A, Paladino S, Bianco G, Fasano D, Gerlini R, Tornincasa M, Renna M, Fusco A, Tramontano D, Pierantoni GM
Cell death and differentiation.
2017 Nov;
doi: 10.1038/cdd.2017.117
PMID: 28777374

Convergent Effects of Resveratrol and PYK2 on Prostate Cells.

Conte A, Kisslinger A, Procaccini C, Paladino S, Oliviero O, de Amicis F, Faicchia D, Fasano D, Caputo M, Matarese G, Pierantoni GM, Tramontano D
International journal of molecular sciences.
2016 Sep 13;
pii: E1542. doi: 10.3390/ijms17091542
PMID: 27649143

Deregulation of HMGA1 expression induces chromosome instability through regulation of spindle assembly checkpoint genes.

Pierantoni GM, Conte A, Rinaldo C, Tornincasa M, Gerlini R, Federico A, Valente D, Medico E, Fusco A
2015 Jul 10;

Hmga1 null mouse embryonic fibroblasts display downregulation of spindle assembly checkpoint gene expression associated to nuclear and karyotypic abnormalities.

Pierantoni GM, Conte A, Rinaldo C, Tornincasa M, Gerlini R, Valente D, Izzo A, Fusco A
Cell cycle (Georgetown, Tex.).
doi: 10.1080/15384101.2016.1146835
PMID: 26889953

Regulation of HIPK Proteins by MicroRNAs.

Conte A, Pierantoni GM
MicroRNA (Shariqah, United Arab Emirates).

Genetic ablation of homeodomain-interacting protein kinase 2 selectively induces apoptosis of cerebellar Purkinje cells during adulthood and generates an ataxic-like phenotype.

Anzilotti S, Tornincasa M, Gerlini R, Conte A, Brancaccio P, Cuomo O, Bianco G, Fusco A, Annunziato L, Pignataro G, Pierantoni GM
Cell death & disease.
2015 Dec 3;
doi: 10.1038/cddis.2015.298
PMID: 26633710


2016, PhD in Molecular Oncology and Endocrinology, University of Naples “Federico II” (Italy)

2015, Visiting fellow, Justus-Liebig University (Giessen, Germany)

2012, Master degree in Medical Biotechnology (summa cum laude), University of Naples “Federico II” (Italy)

2010, Bachelor degree in Biotechnology, University of Naples “Federico II” (Italy)

Last Updated: June 2020