Clinical and Investigative Orthopedics Surgery Unit

Timothy Bhattacharyya, MD
Head, Clinical and Investigative Orthopedics Surgery Unit
Clinical Trials and Outcomes Branch
Phone: 301-530-1010

Radiograph of an atypical femur fracture repaired with an intrmedullary nail.

A radiograph of an atypical femur fracture. Internal fixation
with an intramedullary nail is shown along with plans
for measurement of fracture geometry.

Our group studies the outcomes of many important orthopaedic conditions. We are using large clinical databases to study rare femur fractures, uncommon hip infections, and novel fracture treatments. The goal is to provide clinical insight into conditions that cannot be studied in traditional clinical studies.

We are also interested in atypical fractures of the femur. We are currently recruiting for a clinical trial in which we screen long-term bisphosphonate users for the radiographic markers of atypical femur fractures. The study is designed to determine who is at risk, and to further our understanding of the biology of these rare fractures. For further details on this study please click here.

Radiograph of foot showing melorheostosis.

We are also interested in a rare bone disease called melorheostosis. Patients with melorheostosis develop slow growing bone lesions for unknown reasons. A peculiar anatomic distribution pattern similar to dermatomes is often seen.

Selected Publications

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