Spotlight on Research for 2006

December 2006 (historical)

NIAMS Interns Reflect on a Summer of Experience

The National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases (NIAMS) offers a Summer Research Program that provides outstanding opportunities for high school, undergraduate, graduate, and medical students contemplating a career in biomedical research or academic medicine. Our interns learn new skills, receive career mentoring from NIAMS researchers, attend lectures and symposia, engage in basic and clinical research, and gain credentials that help them pursue their career goals.

Here’s what this year’s group had to say about their experiences:


Stephen ButlerStephen Butler
Office of Clinical Director
University of Maryland College Park Junior

"It has been a great experience working at NIAMS. I learn something new every day. I have been learning so much about the different types of diseases studied at NIAMS and all the people affected by them."


Laura CiacciaLaura Ciaccia
Molecular Immunology and Inflammation Branch
Boston University Senior

"My internship this summer has really been a watershed for me; it has altered the path of my career."


Jennifer JacobiJennifer Jacobi
Cartilage Biology and Orthopaedics Branch
University of Missouri Rolla Senior

"Working at NIH has allowed me to witness various ways of approaching science and carrying out experiments. I am learning so much, but I feel more like a colleague than a student."


Natalie LeongNatalie Leong
Cartilage Biology and Orthopaedics Branch
Columbia University Senior

"It has been a privilege to work with so many talented scientists in the field."



Brittany ManvillaBrittany Manvilla
Laboratory of Structural Biology
Graduated from University of Maryland College Park

"Without my experience in a NIAMS lab, I wouldn’t have found my field of study for graduate school."



Katie MarrowKatie Marrow
Office of Communications and Public Liaison
Towson University Junior

“As a returning summer student at NIAMS, I have continued to gain knowledge that I know I will use for the rest of my life. I am very thankful to be a part of an organization that has such a huge impact on the world."


Rocio NietoRocio Nieto
Genetics and Genomics Branch
Montgomery College second year

“It has been more than just a learning experience working at NIAMS; it has allowed me to interact with the Latino population and their health needs."


Bode OgunwoleBode Ogunwole
Laboratory of Structural Biology
Harvard University Senior

“NIAMS has so many opportunities and resources. It has been such a great experience; it far exceeds any previous research experiences that I have had in the past."


Chukwuma OgunwoleChukwuma Ogunwole
Genetics and Genomics Branch
Georgetown Prep Junior

"I am glad to have this opportunity to work at one of the best institutes in the world."



Yemmy OladiranYemmy Oladiran
Office of Clinical Director
McDaniel College Sophomore

“I love working at NIH; I feel very comfortable with the people I work with and feel as if I can come back and seek help if ever I need it in the future."


Ben SobelBen Sobel
X-Ray Crystallography Facility
Walt Whitman High School Junior

“I really enjoy working in the labs; the people are very nice and I have learned a lot about science, diseases, and crystallography."


Ben SolomonBen Solomon
Lymphocyte Cell Biology Section
Cornell University Sophomore

“I have found that my time in the labs has been an immense experience. The staff and scientists at NIAMS have really helped me accomplish things that I didn’t think would be possible at this point in time as a college sophomore."


Matthew NiemeyerMatthew Niemeyer
Cartilage Biology and Orthopaedics Branch
University of Michigan Medical School, First Year Student

“I had an incredible experience this past summer. The NIAMS summer fellowship program allowed me to learn from outstanding scientists and conduct research that will lead to improvements in clinical and surgical practices. My mentors and peers made summer research an enthusiastic and enriching experience- one that will serve me well down the road."