Roundtable Discussions 2009

Updated January 27, 2010

In 2009, the NIAMS hosted a series of roundtables to solicit input that would help inform the Institute as to the clinical trials that it will undertake. The discussions helped to identify both current clinical challenges and pathways by which NIAMS could solicit input from communities as to needs and opportunities in the future. This guidance will assist the Institute in its support for investigator-initiated trials, which the Institute anticipates will continue to constitute the bulk of its clinical trial portfolio.

Feedback from these roundtables complemented other activities to assess the NIAMS clinical trials portfolio, including an analysis of its funded trials, and discussions at the Institute’s annual scientific retreat and with its Advisory Council. New approaches based on these activities will be implemented that would define mechanisms by which future clinical trials are developed and supported.

Roundtables were organized around the following areas:

Prior to each roundtable, participants were asked to canvass their respective communities and provide input on the four key questions listed below. Discussion at each roundtable expanded on the feedback compiled by its participants.

  • What are the pressing current needs (questions) in clinical care that could be addressed through clinical trials supported by NIAMS?
  • How should NIAMS seek input as to important questions that need to be addressed in patient care and treatment in the future?
  • How could NIAMS draw lessons from previous clinical trials in order to identify opportunities for new studies in different settings (i.e., industrial, academic, or regulatory)?
  • Can you suggest a pre-hoc process or measure, such as analysis of existing datasets, that can provide objective evidence to help NIAMS evaluate different opportunities for clinical trials and select those that meet a high priority need and have high potential impact?

Brief summaries are available through the links above.