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Reviewed May 4, 2016

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In collaboration with the NIH Office of Science Education (OSE), the NIAMS has developed a curriculum supplement for 6th to 8th grade students called "Looking Good, Feeling Good: From the Inside Out (Exploring Bone, Muscle, and Skin)," which is now available. The purpose of this curriculum is to highlight NIAMS scientific research and to provide students with an opportunity to understand how the skin and muscle and bone systems contribute to health and well being. Printed copies are now available to order (FREE!) at An interactive Web-based version is available.

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NIAMS Adopted School Program

The goal of the NIAMS Adopt-a-School Program is to encourage young students to pursue a career in the biomedical sciences. This is a very important part of the mission of the NIAMS. Administered through the NIAMS Career Development and Outreach Branch, this program provides an opportunity for the school and the NIAMS to enter into a cooperative relationship to assist students, teachers, and school administrators in developing a better appreciation of science and scientific research careers. We have partnered with three schools to date. They are: (1) Woodrow Wilson Senior High School’s SciMaTech Academy, Washington, DC; (2) Wheaton High School’s Bioscience Academy, Wheaton, MD, and (3) the Schools for Educational Evolution and Development (SEED), Washington, DC. For more information, or to suggest additional outreach activities, please contact Robert Walker at (301) 402-2533 or