25 Years of Improving Lives Through Discovery: 1986 – 2011

A Conversation with Diane Rehm

Bringing Medicine and Science to the Public: A Conversation with Diane Rehm

An evening dinner and reception, “Bringing Medicine and Science to the Public,” introduced a twist, with the NIAMS Director Dr. Stephen Katz interviewing National Public Radio’s own consummate interviewer, Ms. Diane Rehm, host of the award-winning The Diane Rehm Show. They discussed her first day on the air as an emergency fill-in for a host who had called in sick, her views on the public’s perception of medical research and her long journey with the voice-affecting condition, spasmodic dysphonia. Ms. Rehm also disclosed the little-known fact that before becoming a broadcaster, she was a medical reporter. She shared her candid opinions on medical science and its relationship with the public and Congress through her unique vantage point as a broadcaster of health information. When Dr. Katz asked Ms. Rehm why her shows quite often focus on health topics, she said, “I want to help people make sense of conflicting headlines, and also how to apply what is beneath the headlines.”


Updated December 1, 2011