Funding Process

March 7, 2014

NIAMS Special Emphasis Panel Meeting Rosters*
May 2014 Council Round

Review Committee Panel Name Scientific Review Officer (E-Mail) Meeting Roster
ZAR1 KM M1*** Skin Diseases Research Core Centers (P30) Ma, Kan 03/10/2014
ZAR1 CNR M1*** Small Research Grants (R03) Rafferty, Charles 04/01/2014
ZAR1 HL M1** AMSC Member Conflict Lin, Helen 04/02/2014
ZAR1 CHW M1** Biomarker Candidate Platforms for Inflammatory Diseases (SBIR) (U44) Washabaugh, Charles 04/15/2014

*All rosters are preliminary and subject to change until the actual meeting dates.

**These meetings of the NIAMS Special Emphasis Panel share a common aggregate roster. A new aggregate roster will be published for each council round. Summary statements for each application reviewed in these meetings will include a link to this aggregate roster. Aggregate rosters for NIAMS meetings can only be accessed on this web page.

***Meetings of the NIAMS Special Emphasis Panel for recurring and large review activities will continue to have their own non-aggregated rosters. Non-aggregated rosters are normally published 30 days prior to the scheduled meetings.