Pictures from the Partnering with Community Health Representatives Workshop

May 12, 2009 (historical)

Photo of C.H.Rs Photo of C.H.Rs, Janet Austin and Mimi Lising Photo of Cathy Stueckemann and Mimi
The CHRs(l to r)
Jean Pino, Cathy Stueckemann, Dione Harjo, Jeannette Yazzie, Melany Cueva, and Georgia Butler
CHRs, Dr. Janet Austin,
and Ms. Mimi Lising
Ms. Cathy Stueckemann and Ms. Mimi Lising
Photo of Dione Harjo and Jean Pino Photo of Dr. Katz and Jeannette Photo of Dr. Katz and Anselm
Ms. Dione Harjo and Ms. Jean Pino Dr. Stephen Katz and Ms. Jeannette Yazzie Dr. Stephen Katz and Dr. Anselm Davis, Jr.
Photo of John Photo of Mimi Photo of Dr. Katz
Mr. John Burklow Ms. Mimi Lising Dr. Stephen Katz
Photo of John and Audience Photo of Janet Photo of Cathy
Mr. John Burklow and
Dr. Janet Austin Ms. Cathy Stueckemann
Photo of Mimi Photo of Melany Photo of Audience
Ms. Mimi Lising Dr. Melany Cueva Audience
Photo of Jean Photo of Anselm  
Ms. Jean Pino Dr. Anselm Davis, Jr.